1121 brown basmati rice

The 1121 White Sella Basmati Rice is the world’s longest grain Rice introduced only a few years back in India. This variety of rice holds the World Record due to the length of its grain. While some of the grains of this rice can be up to 9 mm long, the average length of uncooked 1121 basmati ranges from 8.05 to 8.40 mm. The varieties like 1121 Basmati White Sella Rice and 1121 Basmati White Rice are extremely popular in the market.


Minimum Order Quantity 20 Metric Ton
Packaging Size 1kg, 20kg, 2kg, 10kg, 5kg
Color White
Variety Long-Grain Rice
Type Sella
Max Moisture 12 %
Moisture 14%
Average Length 8.35 mm


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